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Q6:Advantages of underfloor heating?

Answer: Underfloor heating system can be water heating system or electrical heatingsystem. Water heating system is like more the radiators to under floor and it is still quite complicated. Modern electrical heating system has quite a lot advantages:

  • Low installation cost: For a three bed room house, water central heating system costs about 5500 pounds. But electrical underfloor heating system only roughly 4500 pounds.

  • Energy effieient: For underfloor heating heat rises from your feet, the room warms up so quickyly maybe only in 1 minute. For radiators along the wall the heat goes to the ceiling first then go to your feet. It could take upto to 1 hour.

  • Space saving: No radiators any more.

  • Low maintemance fee: No worry of leaking water.

  • Safe: no worry about the gas leakage. The safety device on the electrical circuit can look after the system.

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