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Q2:  When I asked estate agent help to let my property, they ask me to do the PAT. What is PAT?

A:  PAT stands for portable appliance test. It is vital to protect your business, employees or tenants. Appliance like Computers, monitors, Kettles, microwave ovens and other kitchen appliances all need to be tested to be confirmed safe to use.

  All portable electrical equipment is subject to getting damaged during use, and this damage could render the equipment dangerous to the user. Without a regular programme of testing and inspection, you have not taken reasonable steps to ensure the safety of users. Tests and inspections should be made at reasonable and regular intervals, bearing in mind the rate of use of both portable and fixed appliances.

  PAT testing should be done annually. PIR needs to be done every 10 years for domestic properties and every 5 years for commercial properties.

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