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What is the boiler services for?

Lots of people have underestimated the importance of annual boiler services.The annual service can help you to prevent any potential danger that could be fatal to you and your families. Normally the house owner should have the boiler serviced every 12 month.During the services the following most important checks will be carried out:

  • Is the location, clearance ok or not?

  • RES reading
  • Is the casing ok or not? Check if there is any leak into the property.

  • RES reading
  • Check the system pressure ok or not.

  • Check the boiler has a fused isolation switch installed the correct fuse inside.

  • Check and clean the obstructions.

  • RES reading
  • Check the flame picture and combustion performance using a flue gas analyser. If co/co2 ratio is not acceptable further investigation will be carried out.

  • Check burners, heat exchangers, flue, fan and all electrical connections are in good condition or not.

  • Check the burner working pressure ok or not.

  • RES reading
  • Check all the safety controls ok or not.

The owner and tenants will be informed if there is any potential or existing danger present.Never underestimate the potential fatal danger caused by the boilers. The service can also help you to save money in the long term run.

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